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Common Problem

  • Attention:This device is controlled by intelligent chip,if the electrical problem remains to be solved after processing,shut down the power supply,then plug in the power to check again. If it still does not work,please contact suppliers or professional maintenance personnel to solve it.

  • 1.Screen fickering

    Please check if there is magnetic field around and whether the supply voltage is stable; check if the connecting cable(LVDS) of the LCD logic board and the decoder board is well connected; or try to change a signal connecting cable.For Windows system,check if the graphics card is set in right place and the drive program is correctly installed.

  • 2.No display

    Check if the signal cable of the computer is firmly connected to the screen (check if the device's signal source is selected correctly) and the pin of the signal cable is broken or bent.

  • 3.The screen shows disturbing clutter when the device is turning on/off.

    It's a normal phenomenon which is caused by signal interference.It can be solved by automatically or manually adjusting the phase.

  • 4.Thumb-sized dark spots on the LCD screen

    This condition is largely due to external force.The polarizer of the LCD panel will distort under external force, this polarizer is like aluminum foil which can not return to the original position automatically once out of shape.It caused some differences when the LCD panel is in reflection,you will see the thumb-sized dark spots which are easy to find in the white screen and it will not affect the operating life of the LCD device.Don't press the LCD screen with your hands during use.

  • 5.Can the LCD device work continuously for a long time?

    It is no problem about the long-term operation of LCD device. In fact, compared to the CRT display, LCD is more suitable for long-term operation for its low heat and low power consumption.But considering the conservation, long-term operation is not recommended.

  • 6.Cleaning housing/h6>

    Scrub with cotton cloth and pure water. Don’t use detergent, it will make the outer housing lose the original luster.

  • 7.Cleaning LCD screen

    Do not use the damp cloth with rich moisture when cleaning the LCD screen to prevent water entering the screen and lead to LCD internal short circuit.It is recommended that you use the soft cloth(such as:glasses cloth,lens paper)to clean the screen,which can avoid moisture entering the LCD interior and won't scratch the LCD screen.

  • 8.Can users disassemble LCD devices by themselves?

    Prohibited. Because even if the LCD device has been out of work for a long time, its internal LED light strip still is with high voltage, which exceeds the voltage of the human body.

  • 9.No response after plugging in

    Remove the key of the rear cover and open it to check if the power is on and the cable is well connected.Measure the power supply with a multimeter. Is there an alternating current(AC220V in china)?If it is,check if the decode board has input and output voltage,then check if the drive board has input voltage,check whether the output voltage of the drive panel LED is within the specification range and if the speaker is alarming. Any parameter is not within the specification range, that means the advertising player malfunctioned and you need to replace the accessories.

  • 10.Black screen(no sound and image)

    Check if the power is on.If it is,open the device to check if the backlight is in work(bright),if yes, may be something wrong with decode board and pls replace it,if the screen is still black, the LCD glass must be damaged.

  • 11.Black screen(Sound without image)

    Backlight does not work . There are 3 possibilities: the connecting cable of LED light bar and screen or main board dropped, plug in the connecting cable; LED light bar damage, replace LED light bar; mianboard damage, replace the mainboard.

  • 12.White screen(no sound and image)

    Mainboard damage, replace the mainboard.

  • 13.White screen(Sound without image)

    The screen cable is not inserted well, then plug the cable(Pay attention to the surface of the screen cable to avoid wrong plug).

  • 14.White screen(when shut down)

    Mainboard damage, replace the mainboard.

  • 15.Blurred screen(Distortion,Red screen)

    Screen cable damage, replace the screen cable; Mainboard damage, replace the mainboard.

  • 16.Automatic shutdown after startup

    First,you should check the menu setting if it is in the timing off state.The device presents short circuit appearance, you can replace the mainboard; high pressure bar operation is not normal, replace high voltage bar.

  • 17.Remote control failure

    Check if you have loaded the battery.Check the remote control receiving board by remote control and Check whether the signal received by the machine itself is normal.

  • 18.No WI-FI/ Bluetooth

    Check the external equipment is normal; confirm the external equipment is normal, check the settings inside, wireless and Bluetooth is open.

  • 19.The external USB / network port is invalid

    Check whether external equipment is normal,if it is,the USB/network port still can not work,check if the port cable is well connected(Non professional, please do not operate).

  • 20.Wrong time setting

    Reset the current time,if it is still wrong,please replace the corresponding standard battery(Non professional, please do not operate).

  • 21.Touch failure

    Open the machine to see if the connecting cable of the touch module is well connected.

After-sale policy

Provide special training on general technical and product knowledge after product delivery ,provide technical service support on phone.
1-year warranty for whole device, a pay-needed maintenance service for life.
After-sales service request will be responded within 4 hours and troubleshooting will be completed within 48 hours.
All services are free of charge during the warranty period, including but not limited to hardware replacement not caused by users, technology consulting and onsite guidance etc.
We provide maintenance service for LCD screen and box at least twice a year to detect software/hardware fault and repair them so as to guarantee the stable operation of system.
Provide technical support and maintenance services in the forms of onsite, remote, hotline and e-mail.